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will be very narrow and it's not even clear if it will pass. >> u.s. timid point out many industries and economies want an economy-wide cap and trade system so they know there are certainties about the system. does that mean that under current law that the epa could step in and say we're going to regulate transportation? >> that is exactly what is happening already. the epa is moving to regulate greenhouse gas emissions. they just announced and finalize regulations covering greenhouse gas emissions from automobiles. they have announced plans to go forward with regulations that would cover power plants. other industries. they're moving that direction. those regulations are likely to be more costly because the epa is not the expert on which technology is the best, they're just going to say you have to meet this emissions reduction and it will be much more expensive. >> could you want our viewers through what an energy-only bill looks like if they can't even do -- which it sells like it will be able to do -- cap and trade on utilities, if they can't do that, what does an energy-only bil
, they got it now. several key economic indicators now show that the tough times for the u.s. economy may not be over. item, u.s. consumer confidence down falling by nearly 10 points from last month. big drop. item, u.s. employment down. weekly jobless claims rose by over 10,000. item, u.s. home sales down. previously occupied homes sales fell to the lowest level on record. item, u.s. stock market down. now below 10,000. >>> some analysts see the troubling news as an omen, a double-dip recession. namely, a recession defined by a period without economic growth followed by a period with economic growth followed by a period without economic growth. a recession with a le dip or even worse, another depression. >> question, are we headed for a double dip recession or will for a double dip. it's hard to do a dip when the fed is so loose. what is interesting about this, john, the economy over the last year, you average it out, growing 3 or 4 percent. productivity is looking good. what we would have is a big government recovery. you have businesses battening down, afraid to hire and put people on
i have confidence that u.s. taxpayer money is not being used to line the pockets of corrupt afghan government officials and drug lords and terrorists. can you respond to the allegation that people with political connections are getting off? >> that's not true. we prosecuted a number of high ranking officials in the afghanistan government. that process will continue. every official is now required to declare their assets. there is a lot of misinformation. there is a report about the cash coming out of the kabul airport. the fact is that out of the $19.6 million that the united states is given to afghanistan in the past two years, only $1 billion, which is 5% of the u.s. money, has been given to the afghan government. yes, there is waste and corruption, but a lot of it has nothing to do with the afghan government. it is the contracting system. >> what is worrisome to congress, to americans, is that it's not, oh, there's corruption in the government because governments do have their corruption parts. it's that the president is corrupt. that he, you know, was corrupt from the election
, including u.s. troops overseas. as we reported yesterday, vice president joe biden has made a surprise visit to the american forces in iraq. biden is there working to end a political stalemate ahead of the planned withdrawal of u.s. combat forces. andrea mitchell is traveling with the vice president. good morning. >> reporter: alex, good morning. happy fourth of july to you from baghdad, where vice president joe biden and his wife, jill, are naturalizing 153 u.s. troops who are becoming u.s. citizens today. what better day to do it than on july 4th. also a serious mission here, political and diplomatic. the vice president is trying to push the iraqis all of the factions that have been arguing since election four months ago, trying to push them toward a permanent government. the importance of that is that the u.s. combat mission is scheduled to end on august 31st. and a troop draw-down of u.s. forces to 50,000. currently it's 82,000. still, optimistic, the vice president says that everything is proceeding on that timetable. officials traveling with him say that the combat mission will be turn
>> gregg: we're getting word of an attack on a u.s. embassy in baghdad. i'm gregg jarrett a. we're told the compound itself coming under pretty heavy fire. joe biden was visiting the troops. david has the latest from baghdad. >> reporter: rescue sources says three more rockets landed in the vicinity of the u.s. embassy compound in the international zone about a mile from where i'm standing now. they are saying no comment from the embassy but some people have suggested that the firings were heard coming from the embassy, but no reports of casualties. we do know the vice president visited the embassy over the past 24 hours and the embassy does come under sporadic rocket attacks really since 2003. so we're watching this story closely. as i said, at the moment we do understand that the embassy has come under attack from rockets or mortars. back to you, gregg. >> gregg: it's good news that they are getting the all clear in the vicinity. explain the purpose of the vice president's trip and what he has accomplished. >> reporter: he has accomplished two things. support for the troops, o
, sandra endo there. joe biden grabbed a burger and fries with u.s. troops in iraq today. he's celebrating the fourth for the second straight year there and he's discussing the country's political future and withdrawal perhaps for your the us troops. >>> the president wants to draw down. cannery crowley asked if that means the nation building plan has been successful. >> it's never going to be san diego. it's going to always be the wild west. afghanistan is the same way. we're never going to make it like we are here. we don't want it like we are in this nation, so let them do what that i do nationally. make sure they're not a threat to us. that's it. >> in afghanistan, same question. how do you measure success. >> we all agree we have one commander in chief in the country. that's the instates. success in afghanistan is going to be identified by the government standing up and making sure there's security in theed you processes. >> in a ceremony this morning e he officially took chance. we have more from bagram air base on how some of those troops are sell bratd the fourth of july. >> report
guard. including a coast guardsman who xanded the first u.s. vessel to arrive in haiti after the earthquake, helping pave the way for one of the most complex humanitarian effort ever attempted, commander durham. this is the spirit of which adams spoke so long ago. you are the men and women who toil to defend these states. you are patriots. and you have earned your place among the greatest of generations. yet on this day we know that america's journey is not sustained by those in uniform alone. it must be the calling and cause of every american. so let us ensure that our troops always have the support that they need to succeed in the missions we ask of them, and that includes public support here at home. let us forge a national commitment to support our extraordinary military families, not just now, during war, but at have stage of your lives and thank -- thanks to michelle and joe biden for challenging us to do that. let us resolve as citizens to carry on the improbable experience that began more than 00 years ago. not simply declaring our principles but living them here at h
of engagement and allow the u.s. forces to bring in fire power from above and fire their own weapons even when they can't see taliban attackers. if you are out on sniped or ambushed, you can't fire back unless you are visualizing who is attacking you. that will be loosened up a bit. it will change the composition of the way the u.s. and nato forces combat war on the ground. he said he believes that president obama will make it conditions based and that the forces will stay longer and fight longer. >> is there a sense we can get the job done on time line suggested? >> all that joe lieberman would say and all that the lawmakers going to the region now is saying the fight can't be lost. we don't know when it will be won. this is an important question. this week in the house, 162 members of the house voted for not just making ironclad the july 2011 withdrawal deadline but requiring the president to explain how he will pull every member of the u.s. military out of afghanistan in short order. there is democratic ability to some level for the war fighting plan in afghanistan and the white house has t
general david petraeus assuming command of u.s. and nato forces in afghanistan. he's stepping into a place general stanley mcchrystal, you may recall, resigned following the controversial comments he made to "rolling stone" magazine and the general takes over what may be a critical time for the war. both behind the scenes and, on the front lines. connor powell streaming live from afghanistan with the latest. general david petraeus takes over this morning, any big changes expected immediately? >> well, eric, general petraeus now is about 150,000 u.s. and international troops here as part of the nato isaf effort here in afghanistan and he reiterated today what he said the past few days. there will be no major changes to the strategy and he backs the strategy general stanley mcchrystal put in place and, the general was part of designing the strategy, so, it is not surprising that he is not going to change it but he reiterated today, simply saying the leadership may change from time-to-time here, the strategy will stay the same, but, perhaps the greater challenge in addition to implementing th
the audience the u.s. was in the nine-year-old war to win. joining me from kabul, senator john mccain. he's leading a dellication to afghanistan. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. good to be with you. >> general petraeus assumed command in afghanistan earlier today, and here is how he defined a critical moment in the fight. >> we're engaged in a contest of will. our enemies are doing all they can to undermine the confidence of the afghan people. in so doing, they're killing and maiming innocent civilians on a daily basis. no tactic is beneath the insurgents. >> a lot of americans are wondering after nine years of war, the taliban has the momentum in this fight. >> well, i'm not sure that the taliban have the momentum right now, jake. the taliban obviously are entrenched in places and parts of the outskirts of kandahar, areas where they're still in control. there has been some progress. it's been hard fought and with great sacrifice. but there's no doubt that we spent a lot of time and effort, american blood and treasure on iraq and now is the time for us to continue this mission and
somebody with a vice president would be arriving with their wife. perhaps an an indication on the u.s. perspective on the war. the biden's did attend several ceremonies, like a naturalization ceremony, and that was noted by the vice president that also congratulated the troops and said he had seen many signs of progress to include that he saw a traffic jam, and that was a wonderful thing. here is where we get into the issue of just how much the u.s. and iraqi perspective does differ. the traffic jam are a direct cause from check points, and there are huge areas of the city that are blocked bye-b blast wa. he will meet with senior iraqi officials as well as the political leadership. the government still has to be formed and political leaders have been at an impasse, especially when it comes to who the country's next president should be. >> again, on this interesting part of the story, to seat vice president's wife is along with him on this trip, and she had her own schedule. >> reporter: that's right. she does. she did join him in visiting the troops on the fourth of july, but she is a
, that if you ask about the state of the u.s. public finances 15 years anow, under current policy it looks pretty grim. so something will have to be done. the question is what about now? and if we skimp on supporting the economy now, first of all, we deepen these problems. we make higher unemployment, we reduce the long-run prospects. secondly, we do amazingly little to improve our long-run budget position. i'll give you a number. suppose we talk about a trillion dollars, more or less, of spending in the next year or two. trillion dollars, the u.s. government can currently borrow, if it issues inflation indexed bonds, it can currently borrow at an interest rate of about 1.7%. so a trillion dollars of spending is going to add to future interest costs only $17 billion a year, with a $2.5 trillion federal revenue base. it's not going to make a significant difference. but it could make all the difference in the world to the state of the economy in the near term. so the arithmetic says that yes -- well, the arithmetic is basically saying oh lord, make me chaste and continent but not yet. yes, l
>> president obama will be at the white house today. he will pend time with u.s. troops and their families. vice president joe biden's second day of the trip to iraq. one headline says this is seen as a move to end the political deadlock there. also, today general david patraeus officially took command of the mission in afghanistan. a quote from him in this important endeavor teamwork is not an option. this is a tough mission. there is nothing easy about it said the general. on this independence day we have the question for you to open the program. is america exceptional? we have that from one writer from the new yo"new york daily who says it is time to rescue the idea that america is exceptional. what do you think? [phone numbers on the line] host: we have this piece on this fourth of july titled "bring back the old glory." he says the notion of american exceptionalism that it is a unique nation on earth if not in all history is in decline among much of the country's self-appointed chattering classes. they write the lion's share of books, magazines, editorials and blogs
or here in the u.s. where we're not seeing much of a job creation. >> we need to have diversification. you need treasury bonds. people hated treasury bonds at the beginning of this year. they're up 6%, 7%, the market is down 8%. you need a little bit of commodities, maybe in the form of gold. we're not super bullish on gold, it's run up so fast. we are nervous bulls about gold. you need to have managed futures. you need real diversification, maria. you need industry diversification and emerging markets have done poorly this year. they're down each more than the u.s. stock market. the u.s. is down 8% and the emerging markets are down 8%, 9%, 10%, 11% with china down 27% now, but you need to basically do that and take this time to upgrade the quality of the portfolio. an asset that people love to dump on is cash. it doesn't give you any yield, but you protect yourself and so you want to have three things to be successful in investing right now, diversification, rebalancing and risk management. pay attention to risk. don't get yourself locked up in stuff that you can't get out of if you need
after the deadliest month yet for u.s. troops. can he turn the tide? >>> help on the gulf. that giant oil skimmer is finally at sea. it could be a game changer, cleaning millions of water a day, but we still don't know if it actually works. >>> secret revealed. scientists crack an age old mystery. just what did thomas jefferson smudge out on the first draft of the declaration of independence. we have the surprising answer. >>> and move over lebron, the most sought after free agent isn't the nba star. it's the pint sized competitive eater who refuses to sign a contract. will today's hotdog eating contest be the same without him? >>> good morning, america. happy 4th of july. david muir is back, back from vacationing. have you had any sleep. >> you couldn't keep me awake. sglb anchoring every show we have on abc news. >> hope bill is having a great 4th of july. we have fired up the barbecue. we hate to do this before you pile in the food, but which barbecue staple has the same calories as one hamburger and one hotdog and two sausages and the buns. >> also look at this, fireworks have sta
visiting with u.s. troops. let's go to baghdad. do we know where the vice president may have been at the time of these attacks? >> reporter: at this stage, they are not confirming the whereabouts of the vice president or the attack. nor are they saying where they are right now. all of this is for security reasons. they are saying that a small explosion happened. they are looking into the incident. when we asked them specifically about mr. biden's whereabouts, they said this attack caused no casualties or damage. iraqi police we are talking to are saying that they believe the cause of the explosions were three mortar rounds. if you remember in september when the vice president was here, there was an attack where mortaar rounds fell as well. the vice president there was this evening giving a speech and meeting with various iraqi and u.s. officials. all of this against a backdrop of the u.s.'s continued drawdown from iraq. remember they are trying to hit that target of 50,000 troops by the end of august. we heard earlier from the vice president where he was emphasizing the security g
become u.s. citizens on a military base that used to be saddam hussein's hunting lodge. >> against all enemies, foreign and dhesic. >> we're in the middle of this marble palace, making a lie of everything he stood for. i find it delicious that that's happening. >> reporter: joe biden is here at a critical time. the u.s. forces drawing down, but becoming more diverse. iraq is much safer, hundreds of soldiers were able to go on a run, but in ramadi, a female suicide bomber attacks. another in mosul. while the vice president and his wife spent time with the troops. >> having worried so much about your son, how does it feel to be here yourself for the first time in iraq? >> well, i'm glad he's actually not here. i think it would more difficult. i just feel for all the families. i know what it's like and how much worry it is. >> part of the problem for most of the military back home is that it's only 1% of the country fighting this war. 99% appreciates what they do, but they don't know. they don't know. this brings awareness to the fact these guys are making one hell of a sacrifice. >> repo
. 's he has said he supports the president's plan to begin with drawing u.s. troops by next july based on conditions on the ground. >>> today, where possible, u.s. forces tried to do what americans all across the country spent the day doing, celebrating our independence. somehow, it means more in a country struggling for freedom. general with tray us led a celebration. for the u.s. troops, it was a taste of home. u.s. ambassador karl i can enberg berry took part of the celebration. joe biden spent the fourth of july in iraq. he met with leaders still in political deadlocked merely four months after national elections. vice president and his wife had a holiday lunch with u.s. troops. it was his second straight visit to iraq on the fourth of july. >>> to the gulf coast now, which is usually packed with tourists on the fourth of july. not the case this year, though. the oil disaster is keeping many visitors and their money away from those shores. our join zarrella is down in gulf shores, alabama right now. john, good to see you. at least there's plenty of room to lay out your beach towel.
news sunday. ♪ >> the general turned around iraq takes command in afghanistan. will u.s. and nato forces change their war fighting strategy? we'll have a report from the scene and talk to senator joe leeb from afghanistan. -- lieberman from afghanistan and, if not for the oil spill it would be a money making weekend along the gulf coast and of course it is not. we'll have an update on the spill and ask kenneth feinberg a man in charge of the $20 billion bp compensation fund who will be paid, how much and when. plus, president obama slaps republicans for blocking unemployment compensation, immigration and wall street reform and what is the g.o.p. response? we'll find out from south carolina senator jim demint. and, our sunday group, a double dip recession is in our future, what it could mean for the president's agenda, all right now on a fourth of july edition of fox news sunday. and hello, again from fox news in washington. as we celebrate our independence day we are following two stories, that huge oil spill in the gulf, which is having a terrible impact on the holiday weekend an
youtube. >>> as we said, it is our independence day here in the u.s., and in afghanistan, though, this fourth of july takes on an added significance. david petraeus now officially in charge after a ceremony there a few hours ago. >> now assumes command of the united states post in afghanistan effective 4th of july, 2010. >> petraeus, again, we know he got there at the end of last week. we know the senate approved him last week as well, but today makes it officially. he will formally assume command of international forces in afghanistan. petraeus replace general stanley mcchrystal after controversial comments he made in "rolling stone magazine." petraeus says he supports the president's plan to start withdrawing troops by july of next year, but he insists that decision still should be based on decisions on the ground. the conditions for now in afghanistan, kabul in particular, are patriotic. it's the fourth of july. they're celebrating there as well. general petraeus taking in independence dap celebrations held by the u.s. troops there. he was joined by u.s. ambassador to afghanis
of july holiday and that includes u.s. troops overseas. as reported yesterday, vice president joe biden is making a surprise visit to american forces in iraq. vice president's there working to ina political stalemate ahead of the planned withdrawal of u.s. combat forces. nbc new chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell is traveling with the vice president. andrea joining us live by phone. another good morning to you. what's on the agenda for you and the vice president today? >> reporter: the vice president is meeting now with with the leader of the government, maliki, one of the contenders to become prime minister, this after another meeting with his rival, allawi. so, meeting the two fractions, coming up with an agreement months after the election, there's a dispute over how to form the government. they say that everything is on track to have a withdrawal of u.s. troops by august 31st. and at that point, we will be down to 50,000 trop troops. from talking to the troops today, an many as we've seen, the vice president was having lunch with them as jill biden, his wife, with h
agile and be able to anticipate war you have to go to school. >> a former u.s. senator and general petraeus involved in a dramatic encounter. one of their lives hangs in the >>> usa! usa! >> 1991. america honored veterans of the first gulf war with parades and a heros' welcome. jody foster and anthony hopkins terrified movie twoers in silence after lambs and the new york giants took home the prize at super bowl xxv. then 39-year-old lieutenant colonel dave petraeus was stationed at fort campbell, kentucky. he was in command of the 101st airborne division infantry regimen. while observing a live fire training exercise, disaster struck. >> one of the other soldiers, about 40-yards away had tripped and fallen and his m-16 shot petraeus. the bull let itself from the m-16 had gone all the way through the chest. he immediately, of course, went down. >> 60 miles away, a top surgeon was on call but enjoying his afternoon with his family. his name, dr. fill frist. >> september 21, it was a beautiful day. i was out watching my son play soccer with my wife karen and then i got a phone call to
, but the majority are from the u.s. and cnn caught up with some of those u.s. troops as they celebrated the fourth outside kabul. >> general petraeus on the fourth of july in a ceremony held in kabul, but independence day celebration, here at bag ram air field where service members are trying to have fun with a dunk tank, a barbecue, music, and this. it's a little bit of fun to have a piece of america in afghanist afghanistan. >> it is different. we are aware that there is a war going on. we are all here serving the same thing. we deserve to celebrate too. it's fun. having a great time. >> we can't do live fireworks just to see a fireworks show, but i hope we don't see a fireworks show. i will miss hanging out with the family and watching fireworks and having a good time. watching parades and stuff. my family most. >> the festivitiesened with good food and good company. although the troops miss their family and friends, they are proud to be serving their country on their independence day. >> general petraeus is back and president obama's plans to start drawing down troops in afghanistan by this ti
. >> executive director of the u.s. energy association. welcome to the broadcast, barry. how are you? >> i'm very well. >> the u.s. energy association is just that. all kinds of electricity, cole, etc., uranium. and it's part of a larger organization. >> that's right. absolutely. >> that is having a big meeting many montreal? in montreal in september. >> from montreal to september it will be outstanding. >> what does it mean to order people? >> it means that you bring global leaders to the energy business that affects every single person in the world. certainly the united states to bring global energy leaders together. for them to talk to the issues of the moment, share ideas, force creative solutions to the challenges. >> how come? we are told these days the world is steeling a march on the u.s. that the nuclear vendors, with the exception of general electric in this country are earned by the japanese. that we don't have the engineering capacity. that we're behind this and that and other things. is that true? >> well, it's partly true. >> we have in the united states, only one of the top five so
to meet with iraqi president, prime minister, and the main political rival. he also plans to visit the u.s. troops. >>> general david petraeus has his boots on the ground in afghanistan, as he formally assumes command tomorrow of a 130,000-strong international force. his leadership comes at a time of rising casualties and growing doubt about how much can be achieved before july of next year. that's when president obama wants to begin withdrawing u.s. troops. for now, petraeus says that the troops and civilian staff workers must work together. >> in this important endeavor, cooperation is not optional. this is a tough mission. there is nothing easy about it. >> petraeus replaces general stanley mcchrystal, who was fired last month for critical remarks that he and his aids made to rolling stone magazine about the obama administration officials mostly on the civilian side. petraeus is widely credited with turning around the u.s. war effort in iraq. >>> well, a perfect start to the holiday weekend in chicago. >> it is! next, jim ram say will be here to tell us if your fourth of july cookouts w
president joe biden and his wife jill are spending the july 4th holiday with u.s. troops in iraq. they presided over citizenship ceremony in bagdad this morning. more than 200 service members were sworn in by vice president biden. and they met with the two iraqi leaders vying to become the nation's next prime minister. >>> the u.s. troops in afghanistan have a new commander. petraeus has taken the stand. >> reporter: general david petraeus assumes the top commander in the war in afghanistan. as a ceremony in kabul, petraeus said they must work together to defeat a stiff enemy. >> we must demonstrate to the people and to the taliban that afghan and our forces are here to safeguard the afghan people. and that we are in this to win, that is our clear objective. >> reporter: he will not make major strategy changes and praised his predecessor, general stanley mcchrystal, who was fired after making unflattering comments about the obama administration in a rolling stones magazine. >> no one did more than helping get the inputs right than general mcchrystal. >> reporter: many continue to
agents trying to infiltrate u.s. government policy circles. the suspects were from new york, new jersey, massachusetts and three in our area. we have more on the three local suspects from arlington. >> reporter: at this apartment complex on south joyce street, neighbors were stunned that the young couple in number 904, parents of a toddler and a baby were arrested by the fbi. >> we were surprised to hear they were arresting russians. not what you expect to find out about your neighbor. >> reporter: residents say that they were friendly and very social. >> i was surprised. >> reporter: veronica and her boyfriend were shocked, too, when they woke to the sounds to the fbi raiding the apartment directly above them. its resident is among those now in custody. >> it is surprising. it is north arlington. quiet, nice, fun place to live. you don't expect russian spies to be living above. >> an fbi undercover agent posing as an agent for the russian government, met the two suspects at this intersection. their conversation was secretly recorded. >> reporter: it was one of many intercepted communic
. so the pietrangelo brief is a brief and, again, i'm counsel of record on that brief in which the u.s. government vigorously defended the don't ask, don't tell policy and statute, more importantly, and told the court not to take a case which challenged a decision to uphold that statute. now, as to the second matter, the witt matter, as you said, the witt matter is interlocutory in nature. and what that means for people who aren't familiar with these legal terms, is that it means that the case is in the middle and that the government can, after remand, at a later stage, continue to defend the don't ask, don't tell statute in this very case. now, we engaged in very serious discussions with the department of defense about the appropriate approach here in order to defend the don't ask, don't tell statute, because i agree with you, senator sessions, that the ninth circuit decision undercuts that statute. it makes it harder for the government to carry out its policies under that statute. and the question that we had to decide was whether to challenge that ninth circuit decision, which i thi
is celebrating july 4th in baghdad. his wife -- they met with top u.s. military brass and met with a group of senators. they met with lindsay graham, john mccain and lieberman at the airport. the vice president's trip is to show the u.s. is committed to iraq as leaders are trying to form a government four months after the march elections. >>> free bracelets for fallen heros. the maker can't produce enough. a jeweler in texas is flooded with orders and he specially designs the bracelets for people who lost loved ones and into these brace, the napes of family -- fallen family members. >> we're over 1500 orders right now. >> and that way we're going to make it is i have to keep my machinery running all hours. >> and keep the machinery running and volunteers. he's got them working around the clock to fill the orders. july 4th was the deadline but the jeweler doesn't expect to finish the bracelets until september. >>> there is -- . >> and offering needed r&r. here's more at golf therapy. >> reporter: it's made for kings. on the grounds of windsor castle was the scene of the launch of the encour
petraeus the man who wrote the book on counterinsurgency operation is officially taking charge of u.s. and nato forces in afghanistan. tonight the big challenges lie ahead for the new leader of america's longest war and what he had to say about general mcchrystal and why he says failure is not an option. >> this is a contest of will with enemies doing what they can to undermine the confidence of the afghanistan people. >> plus, from the capitol to the white house, from city to towns across the country, america is coming together to mark the birthday of this nation and honor our men and women in uniform, like in washington, dc for the festivities. and a friendship like no other: the story of a great dane and the goat that never leaves its side. >> we can see birds and cats that bond but a goat and a dog is our first. >> we start with the fox urgent from iraq, the u.s. embassy in baghdad under attack today and it happened during vice president's biden surprise visit to the country for independence day weekend. an official says three mortars hit the embassy compound which is located insi
is concerned, there is a jazz ensemble. the electric brigade from the u.s. naval academy will be performing. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake will kick off the fireworks, which began at 9:30. reporting live from the inner -tvbor, david collins, wbal 11 news. >> it is only going to get hotter over the next couple of days. officials say there have been six heat-related deaths so far this year in maryland. this number could increase following the heat wave. the very young, elderly, and those with chronic health conditions are more susceptible. the secretary of the department of health and mental hygiene says everyone should take precautions. >> it can affect anyone. do not take this lightly. this is just as serious for your health as heavy s-n-o-w. -- heavy snow. people can die from this. it is good to protect yourself. >> please check on friends and family. try to remain indoors. take advantage of local cooling centers. >> right now, how hot is it? look at the current temperature at the airport. it was -- it is three minutes after 6:00, and we are at 96 degrees with humidity down to 22%. that i
before we begin the debate, a bit of background. narrator: for decades, the u.s. had more college graduates per capita than any other country but that's not the case anymore. america now ranks 10th among industrialized nations in college attainment by 25 to 34 year olds, those who have completed at least an associate's degree. that's behind canada, japan, korea and several european nations. and giants such as china and india are gaining on the u.s. as they are making extraordinary investments in higher education with the potential to alter the global distribution of skills. the model of the u.s. as the leader in innovation technology may be slipping, as those other countries gain the knowledge to compete. barack obama: by 2020, america will once again have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world. narrator: but it is college for everyone? and do you need a college degree for the jobs that are out there? a recent report noted that of the 30 fastest growing occupations, only seven require a bachelor's degree or higher. there are about 9 million students enrolled in f
in a ceremony to naturalize more than 100 troops that will become u.s. citizens today. more on that in just a bit. >>> meanwhile, on the other war front, a new man is in charge, general petraeus who assumed charge of the coalition forces today. he delivered a stern message saying, we are in this to win. we'll have a live report from kabul just ahead. >>> and back here at home, the story is the heat. from the southwest to the northeast, record temperatures in the 90s today, even pushing near 100. it's going to be a toasty day to cook out and watch the fireworks later. we'll tell you how hot it's going to get coming up. >>> first, let's begin with the 4th of july overseas. in iraq, that's where joe biden and his wife jill made a surprise holiday visit to the troops. nbc correspondent and dree yeah mitchell is traveling with the president. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. he's celebrating the 4th with the troops here in baghdad, a great way to celebrate independence day and at a naturalize ceremony where 100 troops are backing u.s. citizens today. he will try to push them towards creat
in afghanistan. he received both the u.s. and nato flags at a ceremony in front of several hundred nato and afghan officials in kabul. >> we must demonstrate to the people and to the taliban and afghan and forces are here to safeguard the afghan people. and that we are in this to win. that is our clear objective. >> alisyn: general petraeus also pledged to go after insurgents in order to make afghanistan a safer place. there is new video of vice president joe biden and his wife jill celebrating today's holiday with our troops in iraq. the two presided over a naturalization ceremony. more than 237 u.s. service members were sworn in to become american citizens. >> all of you, thank you from the bottom of america's heart for your service and i might add, for choosing us, for choosing america. what a sight you are today. what a powerful symbol. what a powerful symbol you represent to those who yes or yr freedom all across the world. >> alisyn: coming up on "fox & friends," we will have a live report from you from iraq. joran van der sloot now suing the woman that represented him on the day
that the political uncertainty could continue into august when all but 50,000 u.s. troops are to leave by the end of that month. the vice president who is being accompanied by his wife has been the point man on iraq for the obama administration having visited here several times. he has already had meetings with u.s. ambassador to iraq chris hill and a top american merchant commander in iraq general ray odierno. the vice president is also likely to meet with all major political leaders here in iraq. back to you janine. >> will the vice president be able to get the iraqis to step up? sara carter is the national security correspondent with "the washington examiner." she joins us from our d.c. bureau. sarah, what's it going to take to get them to step up? >> it's going to take a lot of effort on the part of vice president biden. you know, we have been pretty much hands off with their internal political situation for quite a while now in iraq. but, you know, with the drawdown date looming and just 50,000 troops being left, i think this administration really wants to see the iraqi government push forwa
unveiled two plaques honoring two slaves who helped built the u.s. capitol. historians say they worked six days a week. the federal government rented the slaves at a rate at $5 per person per month. this is about 35 minutes. . >> that goes against these marble halls today. to you, do i lift up my eyes, to you who dwell in the heavens, my eyes like the eyes of slaves, fixed on the hand of their masters. the eyes of the servants on the slightest gesture of the mistress, so are our eyes on you, o lord, our god. have mercy on us, o lord, have mercy. we are filled with contempt, full of overflowing are our souls. the arrogant disdain of the browned heart. -- the secret songs of the heart are revealed only for all to celebrate justice. amen. >> please be seated.+ ladies and gentlemen, united states representative from georgia, the hon. john lewis. [applause] >> thank you, madam speaker. first of all, i would like to thank the house and senate, leadership for their support for the slave labor task force. i would also like to take the opportunity to recognize the other members of the slave labor t
of july holiday with u.s. troops in iraq. biden told soldiers at camp victory that washington will keep its promise to bring them home. he and his wife also sat down and shared a burger and fries with troops in baghdad. they met with iraqi leaders including maliki. the washington suburban sanitary commission said they are making some real progress in fixing that cracked main. but that does not mean water use is back to normal. as derek ward reports, some people are getting pretty creative to get around restrictions. >> reporter: at some montgomery county pools, a loophole in the water restrictions big enough to back a truck through. this county fire department tanker truck brought enough water to the glenmont pool to top it off. >> just for a little insurance to make sure we make it through the next two days. >> reporter: it comes from a part of rockville not served by wsse. >> rockville has their own water treatment plant on the potomac river. >> reporter: no such luck in prince george's county. meanwhile, up on tuckerman lane, work continues on replacing the failing sections of the 8-
you get 60 people to vote for in the u.s. said that? that is the practical challenge we have got. if we could limit greenhouse gases and put in place a mechanism for reducing greenhouse gases in one sector of the economy, that would be major progress in my view. there are other ways to deal with it. there may be ways to provide incentives for the retirement of coal plants which would substantially reduce greenhouse gases or accelerate the reduction of greenhouse gases over the next several years. there is the multi-pollutant legislation as a way to incentivize a modernizing of the power production that goes on in this country and reduce greenhouse gases as part of that. there are a lot of different ways to approach that problem. >> isn't there a bit of a trade- off between the different goals we are trying to achieve? the proponents of the legislation cast it as something that will get us off of foreign oil but that's not the same as climate change. as you scale back, could be about reducing emissions for one particular sector like utilities, argues sacrificing the goal the propo
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